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Homemade fresh tomato sauce (vegan gluten free)

I got a bunch of tomatoes from my dad. He's been obsessing over buying veggies and fruit from Tanay since he's been traveling there a few times a week.

Since the tomatoes were so cheap (20php per kilo) he buys a ton. So instead of leaving these babies to rot (they likely won't eat all of them anyway), I decided to take some of them home for my meal prep.

Making the sauce was super easy. I was actually in the middle of prepping for a class I was going to teach the next day when I decided to start on the sauce. 
I started with about 1- 1.5 kilos of tomatoes. Put them in a deep pot with water and waited for it to boil. In hindsight and upon reading recipes after (yes I know it was too late for research) I should have blanched them instead. 
Anyway, it worked out pretty well cause I didn't overlook the tomatoes. I took them off the heat when the skin started to go wrinkly and put them in an ice bath to stop the cooking process and also to make them easier to handle.
I peel…