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Makeshift Shoe Cabinet

We recently moved out of our place to move to a temp condo.  As we'll only be staying at the temp place for 6 months I really don't plan on getting huge and/or permanent items.

We have a smaller space in the current place so I had to be creative with organizing my stuff.  Unlike our old place, this new one doesn't have a shoe cabinet.  So what I did was to convert the linen closet to a shoe closet (it was the most convenient location).  The only problem I had was the shelves have so much space in between each other making my shoe space limited.  So what I did was to search for a shoe rack that would serve as an "extension" of the current space.
I checked Ace hardware but didn't find anything.  Luckily, my instincts told me to go to Japan Home - you know that place that sells everything for only 88 pesos?  And guess what? I found what I needed! They actually had a shoe stack but it only fit a pair so I bought the generic space expander and now one linen cabin…