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Homemade ONE EGG Gluten Free Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a common condiment made by emulsifying an egg (typically egg yolks) with oil and vinegar or lemon juice.  Emulsifying basically means mixing 2 liquids with varying qualities together to make 1 mixture (like when mixing medicine or mixing oil and water).

I never really liked commercial mayo.  Ever since I was a kid, I hated the way mayo smelled.  It leaves a weird smell on your fingers after eating a sandwich and its particularly greasy and slimy.  Just recently I was kinda forced (well I was being practical and felt had to use my last 2 packets of light mayo) to use store bought mayo and regretted it.  It tasted like plastic and it left an after taste and after smell that I really didn't like.

So, I consulted my trusty GF cookbook - the Gluten-free kitchen and used her One Egg Mayo recipe as a reference.

I only tweaked it a little bit.  Feel free to adjust the recipe to your taste.


1 whole egg (yes 1 egg, not just the yolk - I never know what to do with…

Back from a long hiatus

A lot has happened in the last months (or should I say year and some months) that I haven't updated this blog.  I've moved apartments twice (so expect a few DIY projects) and I discovered last year that I'm actually allergic to gluten (ergo more healthy GF dishes to come).

So if anyone out there has requests on GF recipes and clean versions of all time favorites and not so healthy dishes, send me an email and I'll put it up for you :)

Post soon!